About Us

Penn Lube (M) Sdn Bhd

Established on year 2009, PennLube (M) Sdn Bhd has grown from strength to strength throughout the years. Starting by becoming OEM distributor and manufacturer for global lubricant top brand such as Gesel Heinzm, PennLube (M) Sdn Bhd now manufacture its own in-house brand, Petrolpenn and Questate. Gesel Heinz is 100% fully imported from Germany while Petrolpenn is formulated in Germany and Questate is formulated in USA. Pennlube has a complete facility in manufacturing its own lubricant while adhering to strict quality control as there are laboratory to run assessments before mass productions. Both Gesel Heinz and Petrolpenn have a comprehensive range of products from high-end motor oils to car care additives. While, Questate is catered for a smaller niche market.

Having specialize in motor lubricants, PetrolPenn Lubricant has never stopped delivering the best in technology and service and pushes itself to be the forerunners in motor oil engineering. Focused on improving the reliability and performance of lubricants, PetrolPenn Lubricant has been striving to significantly improve and to set the standard in the lubrication industry. Having established its R&D department and latest breakthrough in “Maximum Protection”, PetrolPenn Lubricant has gained a better foothold in the lubricant business and increase its network expansion. Backed by the success and the years of experience in providing technically advanced lubricants, PetrolPenn Lubricant begun making inroads into the automotive market. Thus, allowing millions to benefit from an advanced oil engineering that we have perfected over the years, tested and proven. Being tested by real professionals in the automotive industry, PetrolPenn products is proven to be a real performer.

PennLube (M) Sdn Bhd has a vast offering of synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral and additive products. As an environmental-conscious organization, PennLube has stepped up its efforts in developing cleaner, environmental-friendly products and will continue to create the highest quality engine oils, continuously improving them for years to come.

Our Vision

Setting a new standard in the automotive lubricant industry – It’s our prime commitment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make Petropenn your preferred lubricant in automotive industry by delivering exceptional quality and performance in addition to continuous innovation for developing new technology. Performance, Quality and Experience. Brand Promise.